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Happy Birthday Les Paul


Happy Birthday Les Paul – Lester William Polsfuss AKA Les Paul, born 1915, would have been 101 today June 9th. What a career, what an influence, what an inventor this man was. His electric guitar contributions of the solid body are all around us with the guitar that holds his name the Gibson Les Paul. Emanating from his first electric guitar creation “The Log” he worked with all the early builder’s to redefine guitar as we know it to the define the “electric” guitar. He finally worked with Gibson to produce his acclaimed “Les Paul” model as early as 1952 with the P90 model. It wasn’t till 1958 that his model would finally receive the new “Humbucker” pickups his buddy Seth Lover was working on.

Les was tremendous musician in his day having countless hits with Mary Ford his wife of the time. His speed up guitar parts and solo’s confonded players with his speed, most did not know of his inventions to speed up time. His engineering works of multi-tap tape echo’s, multi-track recording, on and on prove his musical genius and how far he was ahead of the curve. But at the end of the day Les was a musician, playing at Fat Tuesday’s Jazz club in NYC almost till his death at 94 in 2006.

Les you have impacted anyone and everyone’s life who is reading this tiny article. We thank you for your music, your work, and the baddest ass guitars ever made.

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The History of Flanging…..

flanger2The History of Flanging….. – How did the classic airplane whooshing sound begin, it has been around since Sgt Peppers so it wasn’t like some made scientist was sitting around and cranked out a guitar pedal that made the Flanger effect. Things where much more simple, and creativity was at an all time high, so it was created in the studio by some some VERY experimental hippie engineers.
Technically the audio effect is by having two identical tracks or sounds that are played or played back and delaying one of the signals somewhere around 20 milliseconds. Varying the the time delay gives it the whoooshing sound. We then take part of the output and feed it back into the input which is called a re-circulating delay line. This intensives the flanging sound, you can invert the phase here and you get more sounds. Delaying, flipping, re-circulating your really playing with time. Mmmm pretty trippy. Classic flanging tones and panning in stereo and your in business.

So no pedals, no rack gear, it’s 1969 how did they get the sound. A lot of work that’s how, you would record a spoken word phrase, guitar track, drum toms on one mono track reel to reel recorder. You then record the exact passage to ANOTHER reel to reel deck so now you have TWO decks ready to play with the same passage. You set them to play exactly at the same time, and as they play you drag your fingers on the “FLANGE” of the reel of tape. That’s the delay the drag of your fingers delayed it mmm 20 mS – more and less you got whoosh. Pretty much that’s how Flanging was invented !

So the audio effect is invented, and now guy smoke some weed and dissect what is exactly going on in the time realm. Then some smart electronic stoners (David Tarnowski at ADA) sit down and work it out in electronics. Here comes the ADA, MXR, Eventide, Boss, Ibanez flangers in the 70s and rest is Police guitar pedal history !

Play on !

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Young Pedal Pusher Henry Kohen

my2?Young Pedal Pusher Henry Kohen – Hey quick shout out to a young pedal pusher who is just a killer modern musician. Watch the video on the bottom the young lad plays crazy modern guitar with tons of pedals, also sings, hits looping machines just very talented young musician. It’s about time the guitar community starts to salute young guns, or otherwise will just a be a terrible old club of old farts waiting for Jimi to reappear. Embrace new music, support new guitar players, think out of the British Blues era gone by ! Yes you have your guitar hero’s but let’s get some new one’s for the new generation ! Henry immediately reminds me of The Edge, lot’s of echo. You can also hear Matt Bellamy as he throws in sparse fuzz tone’s from his guitar pedal army on the floor, but the guy is original, innovative and raw. LOT’s of energy breaking barriers and boxs of what is guitar music ! Henry we salute you and fuzz on ! His site is ?HERE !

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It’s JUST a Volume Pedal !

ernie2It’s JUST a Volume Pedal ! - Yeah it is just that big pedal that you leave in the corner, how useful is it ? I mean it is cool to do swells with a ton of echo in the loop, you hit a note and slowly rock it down bringing up level and you get a cello sound out of the guitar amp. COOL ! Then you can use it to tweak stage volume real quick, but you have a volume knob on your guitar so mmm.

But here is two very cool way’s to use this very powerful guitar pedal and it has to do with your distortion and overdrive pedal. If you put the guitar volume pedal before your gain pedals, if you lower the volume you in fact lower the input to the pedal thereby cleaning up the tone of gain. Very much like lowering your guitar volume, less output, less input to the gain pedals, they should clean up a bit for the mellower tone’s of jamming or the song. Very useful !

If you put the volume pedal AFTER the gain pedals, now this becomes a very powerful way to LOWER stage volume but keep the guitar tone the same. Your still flat out into the gain guitar pedals, but your trimming the volume post gain and therefore just lowering volume. Say you got the right tone your just right, but for some reason the drummer is looking at you “your too loud dude” you just rock that pedal back and down comes the volume, but not the tone you love. If you did this in the beginning of the chain, your overdrive or distortion would thin, you would get pissed and back the volume wars we go.

They both are useful ways to use the sleepy volume pedal, it almost makes you want to have TWO !

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Ibanez Mini Threesome are here !

mini110Ibanez Mini Threesome are here ! - Ibanez has released three classic pedal in a mini format. First the Classic 800 series Analog Delay now is shrunk and keeps all the warmth and tone of the original but in a mini size REALLY GREAT. The Chorus another 800 series classic analog chorus that is just so lush and so fat it’s to die for somehow got put in a mini format guitar pedal. Last but not least is the classic SM-9 9 series Super Metal that gives you enough gain to melt faces ! These are shipping and are very affordable and MINI ! Goto Product !

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Catalinbread Zeropoint Flanger Guitar Pedal


Catalinbread Zeropoint Flanger Guitar Pedal – The Catalinbread Zeropoint is a small flanger that gives the huge retro sounds of the ADA and FoxRox flangers in a small package. That Pat Travers, Alex Lifeson, Rush, Frank Marino distorted flanged retro guitar sound is in this box ! Flangers just give a very thick sound to your overdriven sound that can allow the player to use single note or triads for a melody and they are thick enough to carry the song. All major flanger guitar pedal user in the superstar category are in power trios ! Which proves that this thick sound can cut it as filling the sonic landscape. With a clean sound, now your in Pat Metheny, Andy Summers, Zappa landscape and that sound is just classic modulated tone ! Get sounds, get big, get tone, get FLANGED Goto Product

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