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FoxRox Electronics Paradox Flanger and The Festival Overdrive Guitar pedal

FoxRox Electronics Paradox Flanger and The Festival Overdrive Guitar pedalfoxrox4 – Foxrox has shipped us more Paradox TZF2 flangers which are a update on the legendary Paradox TZF pedal which was just very hard to get but so tone full. But now TZF2 is even better and available ! More feature than any flanger on the market that will provide you will all the classic Flanger sounds and even more tones for your arsenal. As always FoxRox construction is the best, these are audiofile boxs for guitar. Built like a brick shit house, designed with every detail, KILLER TONE !

The Festival Overdrive is a dual-mode OD pedal meaning it has it’s overdrive section that is off and on, and also a boost section. Sert up like a amplifier with Master and Drive knobs for control. The Festival Overdrive is a dual-mode overdrive. It features a master volume control and a boost channel with both gain and volume controls. There is a selectable clipping/compression circuit and two tone shaping controls – body and bright. One foot switch bypasses the effect and another foot switch selects between the green and red channels (low gain and high gain). Goto Pedals

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Catalinbread CSIDMAN Guitar Pedal


Catalinbread CSIDMAN Guitar Pedal – To say the new CSIDMAN guitar pedal from Catalinbread is interesting would be putting it mildly. It’s not a pedal for for the weak of heart, it’s deeply experimental in sound and one of those pedals you don’t leave on all night. But if you want something interesting in the “the edge” and radiohead family of guitar sounds tones and palletes this is a very interesting pedal for you. It’s a delay pedal that has extreme randomness of stuttering the delays so you will be playing and the phrasing just goes a bit nuts. Like I said not everyone will like it or even understand it but for some they will flip. GOTO Product

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The History of Flanging…..

flanger2The History of Flanging….. – How did the classic airplane whooshing sound begin, it has been around since Sgt Peppers so it wasn’t like some made scientist was sitting around and cranked out a guitar pedal that made the Flanger effect. Things where much more simple, and creativity was at an all time high, so it was created in the studio by some some VERY experimental hippie engineers.
Technically the audio effect is by having two identical tracks or sounds that are played or played back and delaying one of the signals somewhere around 20 milliseconds. Varying the the time delay gives it the whoooshing sound. We then take part of the output and feed it back into the input which is called a re-circulating delay line. This intensives the flanging sound, you can invert the phase here and you get more sounds. Delaying, flipping, re-circulating your really playing with time. Mmmm pretty trippy. Classic flanging tones and panning in stereo and your in business.

So no pedals, no rack gear, it’s 1969 how did they get the sound. A lot of work that’s how, you would record a spoken word phrase, guitar track, drum toms on one mono track reel to reel recorder. You then record the exact passage to ANOTHER reel to reel deck so now you have TWO decks ready to play with the same passage. You set them to play exactly at the same time, and as they play you drag your fingers on the “FLANGE” of the reel of tape. That’s the delay the drag of your fingers delayed it mmm 20 mS – more and less you got whoosh. Pretty much that’s how Flanging was invented !

So the audio effect is invented, and now guy smoke some weed and dissect what is exactly going on in the time realm. Then some smart electronic stoners (David Tarnowski at ADA) sit down and work it out in electronics. Here comes the ADA, MXR, Eventide, Boss, Ibanez flangers in the 70s and rest is Police guitar pedal history !

Play on !

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MXR E300 Digital Reverb Guitar Pedal

e304MXR E300 Digital Reverb Guitar Pedal - The MXR E300 is a new reverb guitar pedal from MXR that is just so impressive in it’s true studio and guitar amp spring reverb sounds its pure guitar tone. So you have the old fashion spring reverbs which can make any dry amp sound like a vintage blackface Fender twin or deluxe reverb. But you also get these modern and vintage studio sounds to give your guitar tone this polished album sounding tone. You want caverns, you want vintage club hall sound, you want a HUGE plate sounds. It’s all included in this MXR E300 guitar pedal, watch the video ! The MXR Reverb delivers six distinct high end reverb styles, each exquisitely crafted and tuned by the award-winning MXR design team. It all comes in a standard-sized MXR box with a simple three-knob setup and a hi-fi analog dry path with a massive 20 volts of headroom thanks to Constant Headroom Technology. Each reverb style is as richly detailed as any found in the highest-end rack units and plug-ins, and all you have to do to step through them is push the Tone knob. Goto Product

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ADA PBF Flanger Guitar Pedal

pbf7ADA PBF Flanger Guitar Pedal – PBF what the heck does that stand for ? Pedal Board Friendly ! The classic flanger was probably the finest flanger ever made by the insane and talented David Tarnowski but it was size of a small child and had no LED. The PBF is a modern take on this pedal but much smaller for your pedal board ! So now there are no excuses get one today, maybe 2 ! It would still be smaller than the old classic ! Click To Go

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What is the difference between Vibrato and Tremolo ?

What is the difference between Vibrato and Tremolo ? – These two get mixed up constantly and how can’t they when Fender mixed them up on their own amps since the 60s ! They would put Vibrato on their amps when actually it was Tremolo ! Vibrato is pitch modulation in the waveform, such as using a Bigsby, whammy bar, or just pushing the string up and down while you hold the note. Hence the fingering term Vibrato ! It’s very musical, if you watch a BB King video watch his fingers in his phrasing he always ends with a wicked finger vibrato ! Watch the youtube link at the bottom Johnny A uses the Bigsby subtly but adds a haunting vibrato to the song with his semi-hollow body electric Gibson guitar. There are not many TRUE vibrato pedals, and they are not that popular which is sad because their so musical. Boss is releasing the VB-2 Waza Effect guitar pedal in a few weeks, can’t wait to see that. Diamond pedals makes a really nice one.

So what is tremolo ? It is the modulation of the volume of a note, if you wanted to just turn the volume knob up and down fast you get a tremolo effect. It’s a beautiful guitar effect in it’s own right, but more dramatic and also let’s say abrupt. But don’t get me wrong it has it’s place in the guitar world. HEAVILY used in the 60s in surf music with reverb, James Bond theme, the Smith’s Johnny Marr loved his tremolo and used it VERY creatively. Their are tons of great tremolo guitar pedals, Fulltone Tremolo or stereo Tremolo are wonderful, and many many others. Which is better ? Hmm none, their each unique, in how they are produced and what they do. But either or both can produce haunting and odd guitar musical tones ! Goto Site

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