Catalinbread Zeropoint Flanger Guitar Pedal


Catalinbread Zeropoint Flanger Guitar Pedal – The Catalinbread Zeropoint is a small flanger that gives the huge retro sounds of the ADA and FoxRox flangers in a small package. That Pat Travers, Alex Lifeson, Rush, Frank Marino distorted flanged retro guitar sound is in this box ! Flangers just give a very thick sound to your overdriven sound that can allow the player to use single note or triads for a melody and they are thick enough to carry the song. All major flanger guitar pedal user in the superstar category are in power trios ! Which proves that this thick sound can cut it as filling the sonic landscape. With a clean sound, now your in Pat Metheny, Andy Summers, Zappa landscape and that sound is just classic modulated tone ! Get sounds, get big, get tone, get FLANGED Goto Product

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