ernie2It’s JUST a Volume Pedal ! - Yeah it is just that big pedal that you leave in the corner, how useful is it ? I mean it is cool to do swells with a ton of echo in the loop, you hit a note and slowly rock it down bringing up level and you get a cello sound out of the guitar amp. COOL ! Then you can use it to tweak stage volume real quick, but you have a volume knob on your guitar so mmm.

But here is two very cool way’s to use this very powerful guitar pedal and it has to do with your distortion and overdrive pedal. If you put the guitar volume pedal before your gain pedals, if you lower the volume you in fact lower the input to the pedal thereby cleaning up the tone of gain. Very much like lowering your guitar volume, less output, less input to the gain pedals, they should clean up a bit for the mellower tone’s of jamming or the song. Very useful !

If you put the volume pedal AFTER the gain pedals, now this becomes a very powerful way to LOWER stage volume but keep the guitar tone the same. Your still flat out into the gain guitar pedals, but your trimming the volume post gain and therefore just lowering volume. Say you got the right tone your just right, but for some reason the drummer is looking at you “your too loud dude” you just rock that pedal back and down comes the volume, but not the tone you love. If you did this in the beginning of the chain, your overdrive or distortion would thin, you would get pissed and back the volume wars we go.

They both are useful ways to use the sleepy volume pedal, it almost makes you want to have TWO !

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