Satriani Vs. Coldplay Who Wins…? – this story broke about a month ago of Joe Satriani suing Coldplay over the melody line of their hit song. So who is right and who is wrong here ? I don’t really know that part of it, I know them both and to be honest don’t want to take sides. But in the end I think the true winner from Joe’s suit is artists in general. Some one stood up and drew the line in the sand once again for the protection of creative property. The last decade has seen the errosion of artists rights, protection and revenue and finally someone has pushed back. Whatever the outcome its a start making people think “hey you steal, use, or rip off my melody line or the whole song by download” you might be in for a fight. Click on the photo to watch the video !

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  1. frankboothindustries says:

    i think satch actually stole that tune from Gunther’s “Teeny Weeny String Bikini” off his album Ding Dong Song. here’s the proof:

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