Artist of the Week: Next Exit to Nowhere – Back in early 2001, Nowhereman (aka Christopher Swijssenowki) started NETN as a solo project, experiencing at the time the potencial of loops combined whith delayed guitars. Soon joined by long time friend Spacemanspiff ( aka Akim Collardson), and recently by former local bands drummer Ben Rondup and Virginia Marechalwolf, they started to create their own sound and their own vision of what some may call post-whatever-you-like. Obviously, the contribution of a rythm section helped to reinforce the noisy aspect of their songs and to develop some tremendous atmospheres that fit well whith their original mellow-dramatic-dark-ambiant own universe which made some critics think about David Lynch’s world. “Ego to echoes”, full lenght album is the reflect of their work by now. Do you want your music highlighted on get it up on ! Check Out Next Exit to Nowhere on !

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