Polyphase -Polyphase is an Independent Power Quartet from Panama…They have produced 4 CD’s up to date…”Atrophy” in 2004, “Incision” in 2005, “Scissors Are Better Than Knives” in 2006, & their Masterpiece “Satellites For Stella” in 2009…Jason (Guitarist/Vocalist) has recorded all the Polyphase albums to date in his studio called Phase Studio/Poly Sound Productions under their own record label, “Good Luck Records”…This band has an interesting background dating back to 1997, when they were first called Big Fat Hen, and Produced 5 Albums under that band name, they traveled and played shows in New York, Jamaica, Miami, and Costa Rica, and have opened for many popular bands, for the full story check out www.polyphase.net under Bio…This band plays all over their Country (Panama), despite the Latin market they are in, they have managed to break the language barrier with their professional attitude, catchy style and great Energetic Live shows…They are among the most talented Rock bands in the Rep. of Panama.
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