JUST ARRIVED! Need some 70′s overdrive? 60′s fuzz tones? Bubbles? Why the heck do you need bubbles? Well, they got that too! Recreate classic guitar tones of the 60′s and 70′s with the new FuzzBubble 45 by Analog Alien. 2 circuits.The true flexibility of this pedal lies in the fact that they designed both sides to work together. Although they’re two different circuits, one can be made to sound similar to the other. In other words there’s a little yin and yang thing going on here. That’s why the color of the LEDs is reversed. Put it all together and you get the Fuzz Bubble-45! Welcome to the Toy factory, Analog Alien!

Analog Alien Fuzz-Bubble 45 at Musictoyz.com

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