Lovepedal Back In Stock! – The 8823 Ultimate OD, Echo Baby, Eternity Fuse, and Pickle Vibe are all back in stock! We haven’t had the 8823 in stock for a while, so heres a quick look at what Lovepedal has to say about it: “The Lovepedal 8823 is a “HIGH headroom” overdrive. Our new custom IC now overdrives at higher levels than ever! Sustain is also increased while maintaining a low noise floor throughout the gain stages advancement.. The patented X2 TM “tone control” interacts unbelievably well in conjunction with the gain adjustment on this unit.. Robust, “CLEAR” overdriven amp tones i.e.. (no junk between you and any given amplifier) make this unit an instant classic..”
The 8823.. A fabulous work of art or should we say TONE!

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