New From Menatone! – Recently we have recieved some new items from Menatone: the Top Boost in a Can, King of the Britains, and Workingman’s Blue pedals. “New?” you say? Instead of changing their sound qualities, Menatone has taken their proven pedals and made them more pedalboard friendly. With the new chassis, you can attain the same great tones, and still be able to fit them on your already busy board. Brian himself is very excited about his new pedals: user friendly, less complicated (fewer knobs, less of the chance of losing your tone) small in stature but full of some exciting sounds. The Red Snapper and Blue Collar have also shrunk! These new takes on old classics are spot on and are just flat out killer!Take a look at these and other Menatone products.

Menatone Effect Pedals at

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