JUST ARRIVED! – If I was a betting man, I’d say by the time I post this blog, the Pete Cornish G-2 pedals will have already sold. But what the heck, we’ll blog it anyway: PETE CORNISH G-2s are IN STOCK!!! Wow, I rarely get to say that! And not only that, but the silver series cables are in stock as well! Christmas time is usually Pete Cornish Pedal time, but this year he threw some pedals our way early. And no one here will complain about that. The Pete Cornish G-2 has been hailed as the most original sounding distortion unit available to guitarists in the Rock Arena. It has a four stage overdriven discrete transistor Class A circuit with additional Germanium components that generate much warmer sounding harmonics than anything else on the market. Pete Cornish G-2 and silver series cables are here at Musictoyz.com!

Pete Cornish G-2 and Silver Series Cables at Musictoyz.com

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