New From Tech 21! – Take away the gimmicks, the tired retreads, the flimsy plastic “bargains,” and the downright nasty sounding, and what are you left with? We feel there’s always room for something truly new and different. Tech 21 effects are designed using the best spec components, full-metal construction and a whole lot of coffee. The result is a line of effects that are inspiring and eminently usable. Unlike many ‘one-trick’ pedals, each Tech 21 effect is feature-rich and loaded with great tones for you to explore. They also feature professional details, like high impedance inputs and low impedance outputs for signal integrity, our smooth, custom actuators for silent switching, and touring-tough construction. Now come meet the newest members of the Tech 21 family: The Boost Chorus and Roto Choir!

Tech 21 Boost Chorus and Roto Choir at

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