NEW From VFE Pedals! – is proud to present VFE Pedals! VFE stands for “VonRutter Family Effects” as both brothers have helped build what started as a side project (the dude was a high school math teacher when he first started!) into a blossoming pedal company that is taking the pedal world by storm. There are three things to know about VFE: 1) Each pedal is designed with flexability to leave the final tone shaping in the player’s hands, 2) All pedals are hand built, QUALITY machines of tone. The circuit board design & layout are all done by VFE, and every board is populated and soldered in-house, and 3) Prices will always stay low: not out of compromise, but because the company was built without massive loans and huge artist endorsement deals. Looks out pedal world: VFE Pedals are here at!

VFE Pedals at

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