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MXR E300 Digital Reverb Guitar Pedal

e304MXR E300 Digital Reverb Guitar Pedal - The MXR E300 is a new reverb guitar pedal from MXR that is just so impressive in it’s true studio and guitar amp spring reverb sounds its pure guitar tone. So you have the old fashion spring reverbs which can make any dry amp sound like a vintage blackface Fender twin or deluxe reverb. But you also get these modern and vintage studio sounds to give your guitar tone this polished album sounding tone. You want caverns, you want vintage club hall sound, you want a HUGE plate sounds. It’s all included in this MXR E300 guitar pedal, watch the video ! The MXR Reverb delivers six distinct high end reverb styles, each exquisitely crafted and tuned by the award-winning MXR design team. It all comes in a standard-sized MXR box with a simple three-knob setup and a hi-fi analog dry path with a massive 20 volts of headroom thanks to Constant Headroom Technology. Each reverb style is as richly detailed as any found in the highest-end rack units and plug-ins, and all you have to do to step through them is push the Tone knob. Goto Product

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ADA PBF Flanger Guitar Pedal

pbf7ADA PBF Flanger Guitar Pedal – PBF what the heck does that stand for ? Pedal Board Friendly ! The classic flanger was probably the finest flanger ever made by the insane and talented David Tarnowski but it was size of a small child and had no LED. The PBF is a modern take on this pedal but much smaller for your pedal board ! So now there are no excuses get one today, maybe 2 ! It would still be smaller than the old classic ! Click To Go

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pedals5fbWHAT DO WE WANT IN AN OVERDRIVE PEDAL ? – You could actually put this argument or discussion to any guitar pedal in which we find ourselves searching for. What is it we want and what are the factors in determining the one for us, you, the player, the person making the tone ! We could get to the gain, and the clarity, and the tone sculpting, but let’s get even deeper. What are we trying to do with it ? Are we trying to sound like one of our hero’s if so that’s easy to do some research and find what they used and evolved to throughout their careers. You can look on the old internet and find what Jimmy Page used almost to the pedal through the years, or maybe it’s Gary Clark that wah wah sound, or Joe Bonamassa that fuzz when you saw him at the Casino last year. Just do some research, you would be shocked what you can learn and not learn. Also DO NOT GO by the John Doe model 9 out of 10 times that’s not what your favorite guitar player use on stage OR not on the album 10 years ago you love.

Next you can go to the genre of the music you play or what to play or want to master. If your a Metalica fan you want a high gain distortion pedal, if you like Robin Ford your not gonna want this pedal. Your gonna want a low gain boost transparent type pedal to get tone. After that maybe which I LOVE maybe you have a sound in your head, or want to be inspired this will take more work, and maybe some unfruitful purchases of guitar pedals. But man will this pay off in spades, you are on a journey to be YOU to be ORIGINAL ! So many times we are sent to buy product because we read it on some forum that everyone was buying Pedal 123, it’s the best, I sound like Guru X now.

You know what I love is the guy who doesn’t want to be Guru X, doesn’t want to follow the mass’s, he hears something or read something and wants the smokey, mid-rangey, saggy, slightly heavy gain pedal. Boom your down to 5 to 10…and now look at features, builders, price and your ready to Guru Y.

Always in Search of Tone, Play Music – Don’t Talk Play !

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Analog and Digital Delay Guitar Pedals What’s the Echo ?

ad5Analog and Digital Delay Guitar Pedals What’s the Echo ? – For many years, ok decades we have heard the words it’s a digital delay that sounds like an analog delay, or sounds like a tape delay. Why can’t they just sound like a digital delay ? Because we have been brow beaten into this thought that digital delays are harsh or cold or lack tone, but the fact is in the past 25 years digital delays have matured into something much different. Pristine exact tones,with LONG delay times of 10 mins or looping involved is more like it. There so pristine we kind of still crave that analog sound, but what is that ?

Analog delay in a guitar pedal or old rack unit was done with a Bucket Brigade Chip that split your signal manipulated it and delayed it and then feed it back with the original guitar note. So you had a the original note, then the delayed note and that repeated how many times you wanted and at a level you wanted. It was a old chip technology, it was very SHORT echo times usually .33 of second and they where warm sounding? Where they ? The classic AD-80 Ibanez analog delay was warm, but actually it wasn’t warm it was dark. It was not quiet it was noisey and tone was kinda dirty. They rolled off the high end on the echo too cut down on noise and the sound of the clock in the background. All this mumba jumba I don’t I love that pedal, it just sounds FAT to me. I have had that guitar pedal since I was 15 and that was a long time ago.

Digital echo in a rack or guitar pedal the note is split and then sent to a A/D converter that converts it to a digital bit stream, then manipulating the time, the through a D/A converter back to analog then mix’s it back to your signal. WOW that’s a lot of chips and technology. Now you know why 25 years it sounded harsh, the technology wasn’t there yet, but man in the past 20 years everything is digital and they have figured it out. Delay times went from 2 secs to 2 hours, the conversion of AD and DA (analog to digital and back) is incredible and cost 10 cents. So our delay guitar tone is better than ever, 95% of all delays are digital and players love the looping function and long delay times and the pristine tone. But for basic echo, give me that warm, fat, dirty, analog delay sound any day !

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Young Pedal Pusher Henry Kohen

my2?Young Pedal Pusher Henry Kohen – Hey quick shout out to a young pedal pusher who is just a killer modern musician. Watch the video on the bottom the young lad plays crazy modern guitar with tons of pedals, also sings, hits looping machines just very talented young musician. It’s about time the guitar community starts to salute young guns, or otherwise will just a be a terrible old club of old farts waiting for Jimi to reappear. Embrace new music, support new guitar players, think out of the British Blues era gone by ! Yes you have your guitar hero’s but let’s get some new one’s for the new generation ! Henry immediately reminds me of The Edge, lot’s of echo. You can also hear Matt Bellamy as he throws in sparse fuzz tone’s from his guitar pedal army on the floor, but the guy is original, innovative and raw. LOT’s of energy breaking barriers and boxs of what is guitar music ! Henry we salute you and fuzz on ! His site is ?HERE !

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What is the difference between Vibrato and Tremolo ?

What is the difference between Vibrato and Tremolo ? – These two get mixed up constantly and how can’t they when Fender mixed them up on their own amps since the 60s ! They would put Vibrato on their amps when actually it was Tremolo ! Vibrato is pitch modulation in the waveform, such as using a Bigsby, whammy bar, or just pushing the string up and down while you hold the note. Hence the fingering term Vibrato ! It’s very musical, if you watch a BB King video watch his fingers in his phrasing he always ends with a wicked finger vibrato ! Watch the youtube link at the bottom Johnny A uses the Bigsby subtly but adds a haunting vibrato to the song with his semi-hollow body electric Gibson guitar. There are not many TRUE vibrato pedals, and they are not that popular which is sad because their so musical. Boss is releasing the VB-2 Waza Effect guitar pedal in a few weeks, can’t wait to see that. Diamond pedals makes a really nice one.

So what is tremolo ? It is the modulation of the volume of a note, if you wanted to just turn the volume knob up and down fast you get a tremolo effect. It’s a beautiful guitar effect in it’s own right, but more dramatic and also let’s say abrupt. But don’t get me wrong it has it’s place in the guitar world. HEAVILY used in the 60s in surf music with reverb, James Bond theme, the Smith’s Johnny Marr loved his tremolo and used it VERY creatively. Their are tons of great tremolo guitar pedals, Fulltone Tremolo or stereo Tremolo are wonderful, and many many others. Which is better ? Hmm none, their each unique, in how they are produced and what they do. But either or both can produce haunting and odd guitar musical tones ! Goto Site

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It’s JUST a Volume Pedal !

ernie2It’s JUST a Volume Pedal ! - Yeah it is just that big pedal that you leave in the corner, how useful is it ? I mean it is cool to do swells with a ton of echo in the loop, you hit a note and slowly rock it down bringing up level and you get a cello sound out of the guitar amp. COOL ! Then you can use it to tweak stage volume real quick, but you have a volume knob on your guitar so mmm.

But here is two very cool way’s to use this very powerful guitar pedal and it has to do with your distortion and overdrive pedal. If you put the guitar volume pedal before your gain pedals, if you lower the volume you in fact lower the input to the pedal thereby cleaning up the tone of gain. Very much like lowering your guitar volume, less output, less input to the gain pedals, they should clean up a bit for the mellower tone’s of jamming or the song. Very useful !

If you put the volume pedal AFTER the gain pedals, now this becomes a very powerful way to LOWER stage volume but keep the guitar tone the same. Your still flat out into the gain guitar pedals, but your trimming the volume post gain and therefore just lowering volume. Say you got the right tone your just right, but for some reason the drummer is looking at you “your too loud dude” you just rock that pedal back and down comes the volume, but not the tone you love. If you did this in the beginning of the chain, your overdrive or distortion would thin, you would get pissed and back the volume wars we go.

They both are useful ways to use the sleepy volume pedal, it almost makes you want to have TWO !

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