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Read More Artist of the Week Alukard Artist of the Week Alukard – Over the last decade, the music scene in Miami continues to evolve with the ever changing face that is rock music. Many local bands struggle to survive with most meeting a sad and unfortunate demise. During this time, the musical group known as Alukard has managed not only to endure, but flourish in the local music scene as a noteworthy representative for the sound of Miami. Great ska reggae style band, recording is live but wish it was better to highlite this great band! Do you want your music highlighted on get itup on ! Check Alukard on !

Read More Artist of the Week ! Artist of the Week ! – This week a new band out of Hollywood Florida joined the fray “The Sad Chains” and they uploaded one great song Modern Man which is very much late 70s early 80s punk which is great. The recording is kinda mid-rangey but actually it sounds like most recordings from the period, the guitars kick ass, the distorto vocals are real, the drums are very punkish just wish they where miced a bit more to give the song some more kick. It’s there just the recording doesn’t highlite it. Hey when are you gonna get your music up and profiled on ? – The Sad Chains on

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